Boogie Barn Rats
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“Everybody dance with your Boogie style. Let’s move and groove and stay for a while.”

At a farm just over the hill something amazing is happening. Animals are gathering to play together in The Boogie Barn Band! With Reggie the Dog on Drums, Hank the Horse on Bass, and other animal bandmates, their music and words tell a story that pleases the ears, eyes, and body. With shaking hips and clapping hands, young readers will love singing and dancing along to The Boogie Barn Band. Get ready to move and groove!

The Boogie Barn Band Children's Book by Natalie Neal and William Nephew
Sing along with The Boogie Barn Band during this interactive reading experience!

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Meet the Characters

Boogie Barn, Jazzmine

Name: Jazzmine

Instrument: Voice
Birthplace: New York, NY

Soulful and sassy, she leads the band through many songs and adventures.

Boogie Barn, Rocky

Name: Rocky

Instrument: Electric Guitar
Birthplace: Memphis, TN

Amped and energetic, he loves to jump around on stage and jam on his guitar.

Boogie Barn, Blue

Name: Blue

Instrument: Piano
Birthplace: New Orleans, LA

Cool and a little cranky, he pours his heart into his moving melodies.

Boogie Barn, Hank

Name: Hank

Birthplace:  Nashville, TN
Instrument: Bass

Calm and cordial, he anchors the band with his steady bass lines.

Boogie Barn, Reggie

Name: Reggie

Instrument: Drums
Birthplace: Oahu, HI

Groovy and vibrant, he keeps the band on time with colorful rhythms and beats.

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“Through vibrant illustrations and captivating storytelling, this book is a testament to the power of music in fostering connections and spreading joy.”

—Midwest Book Review

“This book is perfect for classrooms, music rooms, or at home. Teachers can use it to teach lessons on rhyming, rhythm, and tempo. The pacing of the song will keep younger readers’ attention, while older readers can focus on the interactive aspect of the book. I loved this book and the hands-on experience it provides. I highly recommend it to all children, teachers, and parents.”

—Shawna L. Thompson for Readers’ Favorite