The Boogie Barn Band

Join us on stage to meet the band and learn about the instruments they play!

The Boogie Barn Band Children's Book by Natalie Neal and William Nephew
Sing along with The Boogie Barn Band during this interactive reading experience!

Click below to listen to the book’s song:

Oh, hi!
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About the Authors

William Nephew and Natalie Neal

The Boogie Barn Band was created by husband and wife author team William Nephew and Natalie Neal with the hopes of introducing children to the magical world of music. William is an award winning musician with over 20 years of experience in therapeutic songwriting and music production. Natalie is a speech-language pathologist and child development specialist with over 20 years of experience working in clinical and educational settings. William and Natalie have a passion for connecting with children through music and movement. Together, they have combined their talents in creating The Boogie Barn Band to musically engage and educate young readers. Their books include interactive songs that bring the words and characters to life through an immersive and interactive concert experience. William and Natalie live in Orange County, California. They recently welcomed their first child and are thrilled to share the Boogie Barn™ world with him in this next chapter of their life!

Natalie Neal & William Nephew, Authors of Boogie Barn
Boogie Barn Rats
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